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We all know that WordPress land is a wonderful place to express yourself… but that it can be mighty lonely, at times. Unless you’re an A-blogger, you often find yourself on an island.

You post a tweet, you link to Facebook, you advertise your blog in a web forum… but comments and discussion can be as rare as stardust.

That’s where Friendica comes in. This isn’t the place to tell you everything about Friendica. So essentially, let’s put it this way: Friendica is a free, non-commercial and highly decentralised social networking platform. You run it on your own server (every bit as easy to install as WordPress) or join a small server maintained by a friend. At a pinch, there are even public servers to sign up on. You own your own data. Private is private. You can read more here: http://friendica.com/

No, okay… that’s a bit abstract. Let’s try again: Imagine Facebook talking to everyone you know, members and non-members alike. People on Diaspora. Friends on Twitter. People writing blogs and even people who refuse to use anything but old-fashioned email. Imagine that you could post straight to your WordPress journal or to an identi.ca account. To your best buddies only, or to everyone at once. Imagine a place to read what your Facebook friends are saying – in between all your favourite RSS feeds. Imagine forum posts just integrating in your stream. Imagine… yes, you’ve got it: lots of comments from interested and interesting people for your WordPress blog. No matter where those people are.

If you feed your blog from Friendica, it becomes part of a much larger communication network with everyone you find interesting, everyone that finds you interesting. You reach them in their daily streams, in Friendica’s specialist forums, by email, on other social networks… wherever they are.

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